From time to time internet providers may snoop on your internet access. Your best defense to prevent this is to ensure your connection to the internet is secure and encrypted. Here are the ways you can enable a secure internet:

  1. Use Secure DNS (Desktop)
  2. Use Secure DNS (Mobile)
  3. Use a VPN (Desktop + Mobile)

1. Use Secure DNS (Desktop)

Enabling secure DNS will ensure that when you lookup a domain name, your internet provider does not know how often and what websites you are visiting on the internet.

WHAT TO DO: Click the Triangle Next to Your Browser

Want more? Here are instructions from CloudFlare.

2. Use Secure DNS (Mobile)

On mobile devices, you have two options.

1. Install an App

Click here and install the Cloudflare app. This will automatically configure your DNS and give you access to an optional VPN.

2. Update WiFi Settings

No software installation is needed. You just need to quickly update some settings on your mobile device.

WHAT TO DO: Click the Triangle Next to Your Device